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Are you coming to the Tampa Bay area? You have access to Bella right here, at your fingertips. Do you simply want to get away, and find some time to unwind? How would you like to blow off some steam and have a great night out with our Tampa Bay Escort? Book your sexy Bella by calling now! 813-252-2121 now.

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Our very professional and sexy escorts can make any plain and bland trip one to remember.

Would you like to know a little more about our Italian Bella?

Are you coming to the Tampa Bay area? You have access to Bella right here, at your fingertips. Do you simply want to get away, and find some time to unwind? How would you like to blow off some steam and have a great night out with our Tampa Bay Escort?

Have you had an experience with previous women that play games and never fulfill your dreams and fantasies? Well it’s time to get serious and experience a real woman that has a great personality, can make you laugh and is a wonderful exotic dancer.

Bella is  sophisticated lady who can be anything you desire, no matter what you want a beautiful woman for when it comes to companionship. She is a big fan of casino gambling and also likes to watch baseball. She also enjoys horse racing and has an extensive collection of hats and other accessories. She likes to bring a little “flair” to everything she does.

“I think one of the appeals of hiring an escort,” Bella explains, “is that it’s a chance, for once, for you to ask for and be given precisely what you have always wanted. Men, Bella explains, have a very basic set of needs. “They say that a man chooses a woman based on youth and beauty,” she says, “But that woman chooses a man based on many other factors. She chooses him for his power and influence. She chooses him for what she thinks is his alpha male status, or she avoids alpha males because she likes to push her men around. She looks at his earning potential. She looks at how well he can support her and give her the things she wants. This all sounds complicated, but it’s really not. Women choose a man based on what he can provide. Men, on the other hand, choose a woman for how sexy she is. That’s it. That’s all there is. A man doesn’t care if a woman is powerful, smart, or anything else. He doesn’t care if she has money. He only wants to experience her. If she is desirable, he wants her, period.”

“I think,” says Bella, “that this makes the average man very easy to figure out. He just wants what he wants. He’s not into politicking and he’s not into games when it comes to women. You, as a woman, have the power to give him what he wants. That means you have influence. And that is itself a formula for fun. When I meet a man, I like knowing that he is into me. I like seeing how his eyes travel up and down my body. When we touch, when our hands find one another, there should be this spark of electricity. I enjoy that. I like meeting new people, and I like going out with them. The non-stop night life dancing, dining that is my life as an escort is something that no woman lucky enough to live it should ever take for granted. And I try to value every person that I date. That’s the respect that I have for men, and that’s the dedication I have for my job. Men really respond to that kind of dedication.”

Bella is fun to be around and has ever ending energy. Like most women, she likes to be treated well, however this night is about you, let her treat you like royalty and the center of her world. With all the energy to keep the night going, Bella will keep you entertained throughout your whole session. Have you been looking for the best escort in Tampa Florida? Look no further, this dark haired, tan skinned, long legged woman will give you goose bumps when she feels on your skin.

“I tell myself every day that I’ve got to live without fear,” she explains. “Fear is that force that stops you from enjoying your life. I’ve talked to some of the other girls about this. When you think about it, what stopped you from achieving the greatest dream you’ve ever held? You might be quick to say that you didn’t have the money, or you didn’t have the time, or you didn’t have the skill to do something you had always wanted to do. Maybe you just weren’t in the right place at the right time, right? But the fact is, if there is something you want to do, if there is something you want to accomplish, the number one thing holding you back is you. You undermine yourself every day. You fear consequences. You fear risks. You aren’t willing to put yourself out there and just kind of put it all on the line.”

Bella continues, “The fact is, though, that if there’s something you want, something you truly want, you’ll find a way. You’ll go out of your way to schedule the time you need. You’ll make sacrifices and you’ll give up other things in order to get that goal. In other words, what you do shows what is really important to you. There’s this exercise that people do in those touchy-feely counseling classes and, I don’t know, maybe in other things too. You take a piece of paper, and you divide it up into four squares, or eight squares, or however many you want for the exercise. On each piece of paper you right down the things that are most important to you. Like, if you have eight squares, you right down the eight things that matter to you most, the eight things that absolutely mean everything to you and that you can’t live without.”

Bella goes on, “Then what you do is you take away one thing. You say, ‘These are the things that I can’t live without, but if I have to sacrifice one of them, I choose this.’ And you keep doing that. You do it over and over again… until you have just one square. If you have been honest with yourself, that one square represents the one thing that is most important to you in the entire world. This is a great way to really confront yourself with what matters to you. When you understand what really matters, you can set better goals, and you can be the best person you can be. I think that’s a great way to approach life.”

Getting away from fear, taking away its power, has allowed Bella really to enjoy herself as a young woman. “When fear has no power over you,” she says, “that means you recognize the ways in which it interferes with your dreams. That means the ways it stops you from getting, or keeping, what is important to you. I don’t ever want fear to stop me from attaining my goals. The thing about fears is, the longer you avoid them, the bigger they become. It’s like being told that there’s a vicious wolf in the forest and it’s your job to kill it. If you put it off, if you avoid the wolf, you’ll be safe as long as you aren’t in the woods. But the wolf has more years to get bigger, stronger, more experienced, and more dangerous. The longer you put off your task, the more dangerous the wolf becomes, to the point that you can’t ever go into the woods out of fear of what might be waiting for you. I think that’s a great metaphor for how to live.”

Bella’s love of lingerie extends to the type and kinds of underwear she dresses in. “I don’t ever want to leave the house wearing anything but my sexiest lingerie,” she says, “even if I don’t believe anyone will see me in it that day. I think you owe it to yourself to be and feel sexy all the time. Don’t wear lingerie just for others. Wear it for yourself. You’ve earned it.”

Bella love”s good food and this is her place she likes to go and a little of the story behind the restaurant.

Around our family table

Food, you see, isn’t only about food. It’s not some big secret. It’s something that just happens when all of our interconnected families get together-the Carrabbas and the Mandolas, plus anybody with enough good sense to marry in. You may be poor, went the saying a mere generation ago, but you’ll never be hungry.

Food is part of us because that’s how we were raised; food was present at births, christenings, weddings, graduations and funerals. Food is what reminded us we were family. To this day, whenever one family member meets another and starts talking about something or someplace, the first question has to be,

“Whadya eat?”

Now that you know a little about Jessie Are you ready? Do you think you can handle her? Our Lovable Bella, one of the hottest girls you’ll ever meet. Let’s have a fun night out, not just another boring night in your hotel room.


Birthday Horoscope May 24th

Birthday Horoscope for May 24th

If your birthday is on May 24th your sun sign is Gemini. Dear Gemini, you’ve got a love style that’s timeless. In other words, you always make time for love and sex! You have a variety of interests and tend to subscribe to the motto “Variety is the spice of life”.

This is especially true in your love and sex life. You tend to get bored easily and if your lover can’t hold your attention in the bedroom and in your mind then you’ll be looking in a new direction in no time. … more to come

Bella is available to travel to Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota, Brandon, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, New Port Richey, Clearwater, Clearwater Beach, Saint Petersburg, St Pete Beach Florida.