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While we can’t guarantee an immediate response to every inquiry twenty four hours a day, we do staff our agency at all hours of the day and night, and we are always checking our messages. Contact Tampa Escorts, as we welcome your input, and we value very much the opinions and feedback of our clients.

We offer you the opportunity to meet the prettiest female companions for any kind of occasions, business meetings, business trips, birthday parties, casual parties, and so on.

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We believe that the quality of our service is one of the most vital factors, that’s why we choose our escort ladies very carefully so that we are able to provide you the crème de la crème. That is why our girls have those unique qualities to be one of the best escort companions.

Client feedback is always valuable to us

Our goal of converting every client to a repeat client is an important one because it drives the decisions we make. We aren’t satisfied if you end your booking and have any type of a problem. If there is any way we could do what we do any better, or anything about our procedures you think we should change we’d like to hear about it, so feel free to let us know. Client feedback is always valuable to us, and lets us know just how we can serve you better. This is how we maintain the best possible service in a highly competitive field, so we really would like to hear from you!

Our Tampa escorts are completely discrete and we have implemented a lengthy screening process to make sure our service stays that way. We are completely committed to discretion and the protection of your privacy. You’ll never have to worry about having any form of contact from us without you contacting us first.

If you have questions, we’ll walk you through the answers. If you have a concern or a suggestion, or had any issues that may need to be resolved, we will do our best to find a solution. Fortunately for us, these situations do not typical arise. As we’ve said time and again, our commitment to client satisfaction is one of our top priorities. We are very understanding, we are very accommodating, and we will always treat you with respect. We are a company based on integrity and honesty, so when you become a client of ours, we want to build a relationship that is worthy of your time and trust. That is our promise to you, and that is the Tampa’s 1st Choice Escorts guarantee.

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