Becoming A Model

To all the potential Escorts in Tampa, Clearwater, Saint Petersburg and to the women that have traveled from around the globe to be here in Tampa Fl and are looking for entertainment opportunities:

Tampa’s 1st Choice escort service is always on the lookout for fresh new beautiful faces with adventurous spirits. Whether you’re a new resident to Tampa Bay, Florida or just in the area for a few weeks, you can enjoy the fun and exciting lifestyle of being one of Tampa’s most in-demand women! We can proudly boast that we feature many beautiful women right here on our website.

Are you interested in joining the esteemed ranks of Tampa’s 1st Choice independent escorts? If the answer is yes, read on to discover how you can join one of the most exclusive agencies that provides valuable entertainment opportunities for you and services to the gentlemen in and around the Tampa Bay area.

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Although we have a number of women who contact Tampa 1st Choice Escorts in regards to our entertainment opportunities for you and being one of our independent escorts, we are only able to accept a small fraction of these applicants. This is because we have a stringent procedure that we have developed. This allows us to keep our quality high to offer the most well rounded ladies to our clients.

Not only are we interested in your beauty, but we also put a premium on your personality. If you are the type of woman who is a great team player and who simply loves people of all types, then you likely have the type of personality that will be a good fit for our company as an independent escort.

In addition to being personable, you will also need to have the type of personality that is calm and composed in new situations. Our clients are sometimes quite nervous at the thought of booking an independent escort. They need a warm and engaging woman to help them feel at ease and enjoy themselves. We want our clients experience to be secure and fun.

In order to help ensure this, we send all of our escorts through a background check. This simple process is an easy way for us to offer the most drama free experience for our clients. We insist that your background check come back in a positive manner before we can move on to the next step in you joining our team as one part of Tampa’s 1st Choice independent escorts.

We offer a safe and relaxed approach to private entertainment, where you’ll never be asked to participate in situations in which you feel uncomfortable. You may option not to share your photos on the web, although it is encouraged to capture a wider clientele base.

Due to the ability to set your own schedule, being a part of our Tampa’s 1st Choice Escorts enables you to continue your education if you choose to do so. Many of the ladies are in college continuing classes until they reach their career goal, what ever that may be. It also enables you to meet with clients at times that suit you best. Of course, the more you are available, the more profitable it could be.

We choose only those applicants who embrace the many possibilities. The bigger your sense of adventure, the more successful you are likely to be as an independent escorts in Tampa.

Come and join Tampa’s 1st Choice Escorts, the hottest and most sought after escort service in the Tampa Bay area. Experience the exciting and lucrative career of being a private entertainer with our entertainment opportunities. You’ll have the opportunity to meet fantastic and diverse people from all over the world. Contact us today for more information! 813-252-2121

*Photo ID and proof of age (18 and up) are required to be considered for an interview.