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Are you coming to the Tampa Bay area? You have access to the best Tampa Bay Escort’s right here, at your fingertips. Do you simply want to get away, and find some time to unwind? How would you like to blow off some steam and have a great night out with our Tampa Bay Escort? Then book Jessie by calling 813-252-2121 now.

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Tampa Bay Escort Jessie

Our very professional and sexy escorts can make any plain and bland trip one to remember.

Sexy and Sensuous Brunette with silky smooth skin

Are you coming to the Tampa Bay area? You have access to the best Tampa Bay Escort’s right here, at your fingertips. Do you simply want to get away, and find some time to unwind? How would you like to blow off some steam and have a great night out with our Tampa Bay Escort Jessie ?

If you have never been with someone that carries herself with the certain erotic style that is extremely sexy, then you need to treat yourself to a night with Jessie. A true sweetheart that is genuine and kind. She is comfortable in any situation that she may find herself in. Here is your chance to spend some one on one time with Jessie. With such high energy, you will have a wonderful evening or simply sit back relax and be papered.

I have a very extensive collection of lingerie,” says Jessie. “I like them very sheer. Very transparent. The smaller they are, the better. I know some girls like really involved lingerie. Like the type with all the corsets and buckles and straps and so on. And I get the attraction. There is something about a woman in garter belts and stockings and all that other stuff, a push up bra and things like that… there is something about that every man just loves. But I’m also very proud of my body and I want any lingerie I wear to showcase that. I want him to look at me and see me through my clothes. Not everything all at once, of course. If that was what I was going for, I would just greet him at the door naked. But when I wear lingerie for a man, I want him to see my body through the sheer fabric, and feel like he is getting something special, while simultaneously he is having it withheld from him.  He wants to feel teased and flirted with, and then he wants to be able to have the object of his desire. There is a very fine art to seducing someone this way, and in my time working the world of romance I think I’ve seen just about every variation on this theme. So that the chase feels like a chase, and attaining the object of his desire feels like”! He wants to know he’s worthwhile. He wants to feel valued. That’s something I can do for a man. I can give him that charge. I can give him that feeling of value.”

Jessie explains that going out with a guy is something that just by itself can make him feel better about himself… and improve his dating prospects. “There is nothing as powerful for any woman, when it comes to how she sees a man, as seeing him with another beautiful woman,” she says. “When I walk into a room with my date, every woman in that place looks up and sees him with me. She sees that he’s with a woman with a sex hot body and she wonders just what he has going on that he was able to snare me. I always give them my prettiest, sexiest smile. And all the men look jealous when they see me walk in with that guy, too. They want to know what he has that they don’t. Well, the fact that I’m an escort is our little secret. And it’s something he should be proud of, because he’s got refined tastes. So as we stroll around together, I want everyone to know how incredible he is… and as long as he has me on his arm, that’s how he’s going to be seen. They’re going to be very impressed with him because they’re going to be impressed with me. This is what’s great about a private escort. We take all the hassle, the baggage, and the drama out of dating. We just cut straight to the case and we give you someone you can be proud to be seen out with.

We live in a world of stress,” she says. “It’s a crushing reality for countless people, both men and women. One of the most important things a woman can do is help to relieve a guy’s stress. That’s part of what the whole escort experience does, incidentally. When you book with us, you remove from the dating experience so many things that would normally be out of your control. You don’t have to worry about being late or things running over if you don’t want to stay out beyond a certain point, because you only book the time you want. You don’t have to worry about us getting clingy or making demands, because when its time to go its time to go, no stings. If something doesn’t go right, it’s my job to fix it. If you need to be put at ease, if you need someone to show you the town, or if you just want somebody to talk to, that’s what I’m here for. Booking an escort allows you to simply sit back and relax and have everything done for you. All you have to do is enjoy yourself. When was the last time your own enjoyment was the only thing on your mind? I’m willing to bet that you’ve never experienced that, or if you did, it was a long time ago and those times are few and far between.”

Jessie explains that dating an escort is like taking a vacation that lasts for as long as you would like it to. “You can just leave all your concerns behind, lay back, and be taken care of,” she says. “That’s better even than most vacations, because most people have to plan their vacations and then worry about getting there, making sure everything goes alright while they’re on the vacation, and so on. When you book time with an escort, even that is something that we take charge of. Your only tasks are to choose the girl you want, book us and let us help you schedule the right person, and then just be there at the place and time we agree to. You literally just have to show up, and one of our super-sexy escorts, like me, will take good care of you. I don’t know what could be better than that.”

Jessie goes on to explain that her positive outlook on life, her patience, and her willingness to go the extra mile are all due to her devotion to getting enough rest. “One of the things I hate about our modern world,” she says, “is how much we are all depriving ourselves of sleep. There was a time when people slept while it was dark because they didn’t have enough ways to artificially light the darkness and stay awake. You went to sleep after dark because, hey, what else were you going to do? I’m willing to bet that back then, very few people were sleep deprived. They got enough sleep because there was more than enough time in the day for them to do so. But now, people don’t sleep. They stay up. They have lights, computers, phones, tablets, and everything else to keep them entertained. So we all go to bed too late and then force ourselves to wake up with alarm clocks. We don’t take naps like we should, and so we sleepwalk through our lives permanently sleep deprived.”

Jessie continues, If you do that, you’re just staying awake into an early grave. Those people who say, ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” are more right than they know. You have to get the rest your body needs to restore itself. One of the reasons I got on this whole kick about sufficient rest is that it’s one way of staying young and beautiful looking. My good looks and my great body are very important for what I do, because it gives my clients the experience they are looking for to be seen with someone sexy like me.

Birthday Horoscope April 12th

Birthday Horoscope for April 12th

If your birthday is on April 12th your sun sign is Aries. When it comes to sex and romance Aries, you’re all about the chase. In fact, you might have invented the term “hot pursuit”. You’ll be your trademark self and want to take a risk in love. After all, you’ve got a love style that screams “If you never take a gamble, how can you ever expect to win the jackpot?”

Love is a game and you want to win in everything you do. In fact, if you’re not in first place Aries, you’re never happy. Nothing could make you lose interest in a potential sexual partner than you feeling as if you’re playing second fiddle to someone else. That will never do. You’re number one Aries – always! … more to come

More birthday horoscopes will be available shortly. Thank you for your understanding.


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