Anyone in Tampa want Golf?


I had an amazing date this weekend, what a complete gentlemen. I was greeted at the Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort (one of my absolute favorite places for a little rest and relaxation)by a very handsome, well dressed man who gave me flowers and a warm hug. We clicked right away!! Focusing my attention on my VIP clients is always my top priority, so it was very nice to be pampered and catered to. We started with a walk around the resort and light conversation. I always like to break the ice with a little chat and getting to know a little about the person who I will be spending time with. To me it makes the encounter more intimate, and being a very intimate and sexual person, it really makes every aspect of the date better. We went back to the room after our walk and prepared for dinner, which was amazing.

We spent about an hour and a half eating and discussing more about my personal passions in life. Wouldn’t you like to know some of those? A very remarkable man i must say, with much to share. The evening was remarkable and though I really didn’t get much sleep, after a long passionate evening, I was ready to go the next day, bright and early. He said he had quite a surprise for me, and I really had no clue what we were going to do. As it turned out he had the whole day planned. We started with golf, and can you believe as many times as I have been to Innisbrook, I have never golfed ? I had an absolute blast. Well the golf was great, but the kissing and flirting while playing made it so much better. After golf we had a nice lunch, and then he took me shopping, which was quite sweet. He suggested I nap and hinted that I would need my energy for another intimate night together.

Being a woman with incredible stamina I was more than up for it, however I did nap a bit lol.  We enjoyed another amazing dinner and yes another passion filled evening. The room was incredible and as much as I focused on pleasing my date, he did a very good job of pleasing me as well.  Looking forward to his next visit. Are there any guys out there that would like to play some golf with me ?